This year HRAFF on Tour will be stopping by Canberra & Launceston, for more details refer to the 2018 program.

Return to Melbourne Program

Canberra  29 May - 5 June


The Song Keepers

A simple classroom is the setting for this complex exploration of the starkly relevant topic of mass global immigration.


Jaha’s Promise – Canberra

As one of the countless victims of female genital mutilation, JAHA’s Promise is not only a commitment to her daughter but also a successful campaign against the relentless female genital mutilation.


Border Politics – Canberra

Having made its World Premiere at HRAFF, Border Politics questions whether the West has lost its moral compass adopting ideas that reject humanity and undermine democracy.


Last Men In Aleppo – Canberra

Through the volunteers from the White Helmets we experience the daily life, death and struggle in the streets, where they are fighting for sanity in a city where war has become the norm.


A Woman Captured – Canberra

Marish has been exploited and abused for more than 10 years by the woman for whom she toils as a housekeeper—entirely unpaid.


Her Sound Her Story – Canberra

Making its world premiere at HRAFF, the film features an intimate conversation with an exclusively female line-up to tell their stories, and look for solutions to ensuring a more inclusive, diverse future.


A Better Man – Canberra

A Better Man takes on the issue of violence against women from an alternate perspective. The film follows Attiya, who sitting with the man who abused her on a daily basis two decades earlier. Together they talk through their violent relationship.

Launceston  19 - 20 May

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