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The unique, innovative program will make human rights accessible and relevant – putting the humanity back into human rights. It will provide a platform for exploring human rights through the story and gives all participants the opportunity to discover their own voice, equipping them with the skills and the confidence to use it.

Improved knowledge, understanding and awareness of human rights in 2018

Developed leadership skills such as public speaking, creative expression and debating

Hands on experience with new and emerging digital technologies

Stimulated hearts and minds through the power of story (film, literature, games & VR)

Positive solutions-based approach to issues that can sometimes be difficult or overwhelming

Safe and supported environment to examine ideas and values behind human rights stories

Developed sense of pride and confidence in speaking out about issues youth care about

Opportunity to widen networks, access to young mentors and industry professionals

Awareness of viable career pathways in the Arts and human rights sectors

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