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CineSeeds Movie Poster Competition ENTRIES 

Congratulations to all the entrants – your creative and unique entries are below!

(Please note – entries are displayed in random order in the size supplied)

Ella Nicolao:

Chloe Di Gemma:

Ben Belcher:

Ben Hamment:

Austin Fiske:

Amber Wright:

Alexandra Vacourftsis:

Carmen Umber:

Erica Williams: Ethan Thompson:

Hanako Mclennan:

Indie Walsh:

Jade Carlin:

Janine Nasralla:

Jemima Harvey:

Jemma Teasdale:

Jennifer Parnell:

Jet James:

Jim Dagellis:

Kassie Hardman:

Kimberley Lim:

Marcelle Jawansher:

Mikaela O’Connor

Morgandy Walker:

Olivia Corrigan:

Ondine Devrille:

Phoebe Bell:

Primrose Laurie:

Rebecca Verhaar:

Riley Harris:

Sam White:

Sam Maloney:

Sophie Bessell:



Stella Walker:


Tamara Parker:


Teasha Lonsdale:


Thuyet Nguyen:


Tiaani Brusamarello:


Vivone Street:

Zac Adams:

Zoe Bennett:

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